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Happy Birthday to…

…LIMBO. To celebrate LIMBO’s first year. We’re as previously mentioned launching on Steam and PSN.

Now we’ve settled some dates for you. We’ll be hitting the Americas the 19th of July, Europe/Oceania the 20th and finally worldwide on Steam the 2nd of August.

We haven’t forgotten about Asia, the dates just haven’t been decided yet.

Posted by Dino Patti July 8, 2011


Steam and PSN… Almost there!

So it’s official, very official. We’re coming out on Steam and PSN.

With the massive amounts of request we’ve had for this it a true pleasure to finally say it aloud.

Release dates will follow.  We hope you like the news.


Posted by Dino Patti June 29, 2011


Feck the Internet is fast

Someone slipped something and suddenly everybody thought they knew everything.

The Korean rating board accidently had a listing for LIMBO filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea and world media picked up on that rather fast.

We’ve now decided to come forward and share with you the fact that LIMBO is coming to PSN. More information will follow.

Posted by Dino Patti June 29, 2011


Best Nordic Game of the Year and Artistic Achievement

“Best Game of the year!” We can’t stop smiling when we hear that. To be recognized in our own part of the world is a major thing for us.

So thank you Nordic Game for these two flattering awesome awards.

Posted by Dino Patti May 11, 2011


Limbo in retail sale!

We’re joining forces with RedLynx and Twisted Pixel and publishing a retail version for the Xbox 360 with Limbo, Trials HD and Splosion Man.

It’ll be hitting the US 19th of April and Europe 13th of May. We hope a lot more gamers will get the chance to try this great compilation of games.

If not for LIMBO, ick it up to play one of the best action platformers on XBLA and one the best puzzle racers out there.

Posted by Dino Patti March 27, 2011