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“Dark and disturbing is something that is a running theme throughout Limbo, it isn’t a nice game, it isn’t one that will leave a smile on your face but it is engrossing and it will have you suckered in from start to finish.”

“A triumph for independent game development, which manages to transcend all that came before it without having to re-write the genre.”
-Xbox World Australia

“The simplistic yet gorgeous art direction, the scant yet absolutely effective sound cues, the limited yet engrossing storytelling and the unsettling atmosphere all come together to build a full experience, one that will not be forgotten for quite some time.”
-Extreme Gamer

“Limbo shows that there is salvation for an industry stuck in sequel hell.”
-Gamers’ Temple

“It’s a brilliant take on classic conventions, and the way in which it’s presented only adds to its genius.”

“Limbo represents a confident step for indie games firmly into the realm of Art, just in case there were any doubters remaining out there.”
-Game Revolution

“As one of the most unique puzzlers that I’ve played over the years, Limbo’s chilling atmosphere is an example of an incredible gaming achievement.”
-Video Game Talk

“If there is a game we could call artistic Limbo it’s this one. Flawless playability and visual style catch your eyes in the very beginning and keep you in mood until the (bitter) end.”
-LEVEL (Czech Republic)

“Stunningly beautiful and hauntingly atmospheric, Limbo is a modern day masterpiece. The puzzles are balanced and intelligent, and the art direction is phenomenal. This is one of the classics you owe yourself to experience.”